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With the city of Grand Rapids holding its place as one of the 9 major cities in the state of Michigan (2013), the importance of adapting and changing with the world of technology becomes more apparent in order to remain a thriving place.

One of the major representations of flowing with the changes in Grand Rapids is the annual ArtPrize which utilizes new technology in advertising and the art itself, bringing the ability to hook in newcomers and more participants each year.

As far as advertising, the idea of taking it from the point of the “consumers” is on another level. The new iPhone app Epic Events allows the visitors of ArtPrize to submit 10 second clips of their experience.  These clips are then reviewed by creator Rick DeVos and his team of developers each night, which are then compiled into a 3 minute user-generated video titled The Daily Epic.  These are then shared with ArtPrize’s social channels and media partners for a new wave of publicity. “Epics present the unique perspective on a person’s life experiences, making it perfect for ArtPrize, a massive event that’s open to thousands of individual perspectives, cultures and opinions,” said ArtPrize’s director of marketing, Todd Herring (2013).

With ArtPrize already valuing the public opinion by allowing visitors to determine the winners through voting on their website during its 19 day run (already 272,810 votes (2013)), there is no reason that there isn’t a forum for public opinion and appreciation for the things others may overlook.  So while society has come to believe that advertising is being shoved at them without pausing for approval, it is now possible to get on the other side of things and state opinions through video. That must be worth at least one million words.


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Other ways ArtPrize shows its utilization of technology

Other ways ArtPrize shows its utilization of technology